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This project is led by Iman Abdur-Rahman, a Volunteer from Georgia

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The local Primary School is in need of an additional school block. The community has recognized the need for additional space and started construction on an additional school block in 2017 . The PTA and local builders have come together to make the bricks and assemble the structure. In the most recent fundraising efforts they were able to get tin sheets for half of the roof. Currently the school block has no floor, door frames,doors, window frames, windows and only half a roof. Despite the communities best efforts all progress has come to a halt. They have not been able to fund-raise in this year of hunger following the drought of 2018. The activities in the completion of the school block include: collecting of sand and stones, fixing of door and window frames, plastering walls, laying flooring, installing door, installing windows, installing locks, and painting. The objective is to complete the block so that all learners are able to be accommodated throughout the school day. The community is providing local materials (clay, bricks, sand), materials transport, and labor. Completing this project will impact the current and future pupils of the primary school and subsequently impact their villages and greater communities. The ability to attend school and have a reliable classroom and schedule will minimize safety risk, increase pupil engagement at school, and ultimately aid in the acquisition of knowledge.

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