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This project is led by Virginia Johnson, a Volunteer from California

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Our community has decided to address issues of illiteracy in our schools with the construction of a library coupled with comprehensive and remedial literacy classes for students of all ages and grades that are needing the help. The two schools and the larger community is working together on the structure, and the community is contributing through labor, materials and by sensitizing others on the need for parents and other community members to invest in education and specifically English literacy. This project has a community committee, made up of teacher representatives from both schools, parent representatives and community leaders. All decisions about the library and its conception are either formed or approved of by the committee. It's also worth saying that the need for a library was brought up by many teachers and community members, so this is a resource truly desired by the community itself.

There is a staff member at the Secondary School trained as a librarian, so once the building is constructed, there is someone already in the community that is trained to maintain and run this project. Specifically to resources, books and literature will not need to be replenished and even materials collected at the initial start of this project will be sustained. Because the community worked together to create the budget and will help with the purchasing of the materials, it means that the community and schools will have an awareness of the materials the structure needs, so if it ever needs repairs they have the knowledge of where to get those materials and how expensive they are. Teachers will also be oriented to the library and its contents so that they can integrate its resources into their lessons and enrich the education their pupils are receiving. In this way, the school will hold the library in value and strongly feel the need to sustain it.

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