Salima CDSS Library and Laboratory

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This project is led by Jennifer Naamani, a Volunteer from California

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Salima Community Day Secondary School is in the process of constructing a new school block, which will serve as the school library and laboratory. The community currently lacks the funds to complete the exterior and interior of the building. The laboratory is important because we have laboratory supplies that were given to our school from the Ministry of Education, but we do not have a proper place to store and use the supplies. The laboratory materials are currently sitting on the floor of the Form One classroom. Therefore, since the beginning of the school year, our Form One students have been using the CBO building, located down the street, for their lessons. Science classes, such as biology, physics, chemistry, and agriculture, can benefit from using the laboratory during lessons, which will create vital hands on experiences for learners. Many female students are struggling in science classes due to lack of visual and tactile aids. Creating the school laboratory is imperative so that female students can be engaged and interested in science subjects. Furthermore, the construction of the new school library will also serve as an integral part of the academic growth among students. Female students, in particular, are seeking tools to improve their literacy skills. Our school is currently using a storage closet to store books, making some books difficult to find. There is currently a low female literacy rate at our school. The new school library will allow girls to have easier access to books, while creating a comfortable and open space for them to sit, read and study.

The school library will remain organized and well-maintained because there are two teacher librarians as well as two student librarians working diligently to manage the library. These appointed individuals are responsible for making sure books do not disappear and that they remain well-kept. We will organize the books by subject, genre, and author. In addition, we will code each book. We will utilize the library manual and conduct a training for the other teachers to ensure proper management for borrowing and returning books. The library will be an ongoing resource for students to use indefinitely to assist with their educational goals. Education is an invaluable tool that has profound effects on students and the community. After students acquire knowledge and skills, they will be able grow and share their knowledge and skills with others in the community. The school laboratory will also be a vital resource for students to use while attending Secondary School. Science teachers will schedule laboratory periods for their lessons so that students can receive all the benefits from the laboratory. A Laboratory chairperson will be appointed to supervise laboratory usage. This will assist in keeping the laboratory materials and space well-managed, safe and well-kept.

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