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This project is led by Lindsey Becker, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

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Our community would like to build a resource center for community members to utilize in accessing information on topics which will increase local capacity building. Books and manuals on topics such as aquaculture, forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry, beekeeping, economics, and language will all be found in the resource center and available to everyone. Community clubs and organizations will also be able to utilize the space for meetings and quick access to invaluable information. Our hope is that the resource center gives the community a place to come together and acquire new knowledge from both literature as well as each other. Our community is ready to work together to see this project through by contributing local building materials and a labor force.

The deputy head teacher of the local primary school is the one who put forth the idea of building a resource center for the community. Together the community then designed the resource center to their liking and came to me for help with implementing the project. The community will also be contributing building materials as well as a labor force to complete the project. There will be people designated to care for the resource center at all times. We will have volunteer staff signed on for scheduled shifts at the resource center. Their tasks will be to monitor who is coming and going from the center, ensure that no materials from the center are being misplaced or stolen, caring for the upkeep of the building itself, and locking up the center at the end of each day.

The resource center will be open Monday thru Saturday from 13:00 until 19:00. However, when clubs and organizations would like to reserve the center for meetings, they can do so outside scheduled hours as long as a member of staff is able to be there while the meeting takes place. Materials from the resource center will not be for rent or check-out because of the risk of damage or loss. Materials must be signed out by each person using them but they will remain in the resource center for the entirety of their usage. They will then be signed back in and replaced where they belong. We have included in our budget two steel doors, one for the entrance to the building and one for the entrance to the staff's office. We have also included locks for the doors and windows as well as bars for the windows.

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