Rebuilding the Community Center

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  • Dominican Republic
This project is led by Alejandro Lopez, a Volunteer from California

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Interior of the Community Center
Interior of the Community Center
This grant will help purchase the materials necessary to rebuild and renovate an existing community center. The objective of the project is to involve the Neighborhood Association “Santo Domingo”, the surrounding neighborhood, and local youth in rebuilding the center and transforming it into a welcoming space for community gatherings. Two separate neighborhood residents groups use the center for weekly meetings and the building is the site of all community work done by NGOs and local government ministries in the neighborhood. It also serves as a shelter in the event of earthquakes and other emergencies. However, the building has been deemed unsafe by two separate civil engineers due to damage suffered during the 2010 Haitian earthquake. More than unsafe, the damage has also rendered the building uncomfortable, ugly, and a source of embarrassment among locals who would like to use the space more frequently. The community has committed to contribute both skilled and unskilled labor, food, and water to the project. Community members have also formed a committee which will oversee all project operations. It is the opinion of many in the community that a new center will achieve the community’s primary goal of having a safe space for meetings, gatherings, and emergency situations. This project will also create a more suitable environment for capacity building programs put on by local and international organizations and increase the civic pride of the population.
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