Reaching New Heights: Innovative Language Learning through Classroom Resource Development

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This project is led by Morgan Stone, a Volunteer from Kentucky

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Students' standing in the front of the class reviewing classwork on a laptop.
Morgan is facilitating Innovative Language Learning to help female students achieve at a higher rate in school.
Reaching New Heights: Innovative Language Learning through Classroom Resource Development is a project that is geared toward increasing the availability of technology/materials within English language classrooms, leading to more innovative and effective English language instruction, positively impacting student confidence and proficiency in the language, and contributing toward student’s technological literacy. The teachers of English language will also be positively impacted by this project by participating in trainings focused on effective usage of technology within lessons and gender equitable practices in the classroom. The skills transfer that will occur in concurrence with the implementation of this project will increase and enhance opportunities for females throughout the school community. 

After observing English students of various grade levels, it was seen that female students achieve at a higher rate than their male counterparts, but very rarely offer opinions or participate voluntarily. Girls comprise 45% (150) of our student English learners ages 10-19, but only about 30% (45) of those girls are consistently active within class. Oftentimes, when presentation assignments are given, girls will complete them, but are not willing to present them in front of the class. Through this project, we hope to instill in these students that they are capable and that their participation in the classroom is valued just as much as their male counterparts. Through this project, there will also be increased capacity for after-school activities geared toward increasing technological literacy, development of professional skills (CV writing, interviewing, public speaking, etc.), educating and implementing healthy lifestyle strategies, and continued English club lessons that focus on conversational abilities and real-life application. 

The English language faculty, as well as the school directors, are invested in this project and are the main driving force behind it. They recognize that our students need to be prepared for a technologically-driven and globalized future. They also understand the importance of learning English for success in such a world and that, by incorporating more technology into the classroom, we are setting our students up to flourish int heir future professional lives.

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