Protecting the Environment and At-Risk Persons by Reducing Trash Burning in the Commune

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This project is led by Alexander Maki, a Volunteer from New York

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The project'€s primary objective is to improve maternal and child health by collecting garbage and halting trash burning practices in this community. The secondary objective is to improve the environmental conditions. The project will consist of two primary elements. First, the partner organization with a proven track record of success with similar projects will contribute immensely. This partner organization will hold a series of women-focused trainings on the hazards of garbage burning and educating them on the negative health and environmental impacts while signing them up for a garbage collection subscription service. Trash collection will replace the common social practice of burning garbage in close proximity to at-risk persons such as mothers and children. The trainings will be conducted in 6 different sites covering 13 villages. (The training is for one women's group per village). The partner organization is already very experienced in these trainings, having done numerous before successfully so they will be contributing this service.

Secondly, the project funds a new moto-tricycle, which the partner organization will operate Monday- Friday to collect garbage from individual families in this community. The partner organization also has experience with collection operations, however greater demand and expansion to new communities such as this one necessitates the acquisition of a new moto-tricycle to reach the communities served. The combination of these two elements will improve the health conditions for women and especially the local youth while empowering the partner organization to buildup its capacity to create a more healthy and environmentally-conscious community.

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