Promoting Health and Gender Equity Through Physical Education

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This project is led by Autumn Curran, a Volunteer from California

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A school in the region of Orhei plans to promote female involvement in physical activity through the creation of comfortable and secure locker rooms and a hygiene station for students to use. Additionally, the school will support programming; such as a girls exercise club and a teacher training on gender equity. The locker room will be built in a location that is accessible both during the school day and for supervised after school activities. The hygiene station will include running water and sinks. It will be located in the same space as the locker room. The hygiene station's location is strategic in the fact that it provides convenient access for students to clean up after exercising or working outside, but also lies near to the outhouses-providing students with a place to wash their hands after the restroom. The girls exercise club will provide a comfortable space for girls ages 12-15 to practice physical activity. The grant includes funding for sports equipment (soccer balls, cones, exercise mats, etc.) to be used by the girls involved in the exercise club.

Our intention is that the club will also develop the girls' confidence in practicing exercises correctly, and safely on their own. At the same time, the club should provide a medium of trust and encouragement providing female students with further support. The teacher training will expose current teaching staff to what 'gender equity' looks like in schools globally and how to implement gender equitable teaching practices in Moldovan classrooms. This workshop will be planned and co-facilitated by the Peace Corps Volunteer and local Moldovan partners with support from Peace Corps specialists.

Community members will participate in the building of the changing room and handwashing station. Local teachers will acquire skills and knowledge to continue to promote youth to be active and participate in after school activities. Every one contributing will gain skills on the process of project design, implementation, and monitoring which will be helpful for future projects.

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