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This project is led by Gail Nealy, a Volunteer from South Carolina

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Participants sitting at a desk posing for a photo.
Gail is facilitating the Project RESPECT traning.

One of the directives of a government funded library is to use its valuable resources and skills as an outreach to the community. The needs of the citizens inour community are numerous. Due to this large impact of social issues, prevention and awareness are often times under-funded.

The library’s goal is to reach out to young females, who are at risk of having their lives negatively impacted by these issues. Such as drug addiction, teen pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, low self-esteem, poor self-image and sex trafficking. Our objective is to educate our young ladies and to make them aware of the ultimate consequences of engaging in risky activities. Such activities are often times dangerous and life-threatening. 

We have identified our at-risk target group as young females ages 15 – 18, who are part of the Vocational school system. These females are most at risk, due to lack of a stable home environment, low-income and low self-esteem. A project called Project RESPECT will be developed with a supporting grant. This project is appropriately named Project RESPECT to emphasize the root or foundation of our purpose. Our belief is that, the more respect a young female can have for herself, her body, her peers and her community, the greater are her chances of not becoming a victim of such crimes and empowers her with the ability to make better choices that enhances her life. 

The library will partner with an local NGO to host and conduct several training and workshops on topics dealing with Sexual Health, Sex Trafficking and Decision-Making skills. To assure that this effort is sustainable and effective, the NGO will also train the school’s psychiatrist and social-worker. Other areas of training and skill development will be offered that helps promote self-esteem, character building and positive self-imaging within our female youth.

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