Primary School Solar Power System

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This project is led by Veronica Legler, a Volunteer from Colorado

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The community surrounding the local Primary School desires to install a solar system, new printer, and laptops at the school. Our school has all female teachers and one male principal. Our Teachers wish to learn new ICT skills. Currently, teachers and students spend the majority of their class time writing on and copying from the chalkboards in the classrooms only to rub it all off at the end of the day. The completion of this project would allow teachers to learn the benefits of technology and be able to use it to improve teaching and classroom management and time management. It would allow for increased efficiency giving students and teachers more time to learn and expanding their knowledge with the elimination of time-consuming task of writing and copying off of a black board. The introduction of Laptops will provide opportunities for teachers to improve their ICT skills which is expected by the Ministry of Education as the Country moves towards digital age.

These computer skills will also allow for the creation of resources and digital storage, eliminating time spent recreating the same resources every year. Tests will be typed up and saved and edits will be made as necessary. Usually Teachers have to pay for expensive basic computer lessons in the capital city to be able to do these ICT tasks in schools. Unfortunately that is a cost our community teachers cannot afford and also being female teachers with families to care for, this is not a option. Since our teaching staff are all females this project will help to reduce the barriers to their learning and meet the need for improved ICT skills for our valued female teaching staff. Lights in the classrooms will provide better lighting for overcast days and evening making it easier for students to see and focus while also opening up the possibility for evening events at the school. Most homes in the area do not have lights, making it challenging for students to study at home in the evenings. Lights in the classrooms will allow students and women in the village a place for studying and community classes in the evenings. This project will greatly improve the school and this will be a great source of pride for our community. Lastly, the project will provide the school a way to raise money through providing a printing service for the community and other surrounding communities. Funds raised through the printing service will go towards activities geared towards the furthering of the education of individuals in the community.

The school community is the driving force behind this project. The idea for the project was proposed by the teachers at the school and met with positive responses from the principal and committee members present at the staff meeting. Shortly after the project was first brought up we held a meeting with the full school committee, teachers, and families. The individuals present went through how the project would benefit the school, how the community would help with the different stages of the project, and made a priority matrix to determine what the highest priorities are. The school committee will form a new subcommittee for the solar system that will overlook the management and maintenance of the system. Individuals from the villages will be able to pay a small fee to print and charge electronics on the system of which a portion will go towards the long term maintenance of the system. Only trained and elected school staff and committee members will be allowed to operate the charging and printing systems. Use of the system by community members will happen during off-school time to minimize disruptions on classes. A log will be kept and the current PCV and future PCV will help to monitor the progress of this project and train teachers to make sure that they are using computers to improve efficiency and also train teachers on how to monitor students progress and compare test results to before computers were introduced.

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