Primary School Roof Renovation

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This project is led by Maggie Shiflett, a Volunteer from Illinois

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Students are raising their hands to answer the teachers questions during class.
Maggie is working with her couterparts to complete the Primary School Roof Renovation.

The our village is situated in the Leribe district in Northwest Lesotho. Students in this school are mainly boys. This is guaranteed by the fact that out of 198 learners of the school, only 73 of the number are girls. This means that only 36 percent of students are girls. Most of the girls drop out of school for different reasons. Many leave school to take care of their sick parents at home who suffer from HIV/AIDS. This alone puts their future at risk as they miss a lot of school as well as their time to play and grow with other children. Lack of classrooms in this school has also caused a lot of girls to move to other schools which have better infrastructure. However, that poses a lot of problems for them as well because they have to walk for about thirty minutes in risky areas where they can be raped and abused both verbally and physically by heard boys. Therefore, we have decided to ask for funds to renovate the two classrooms whose roofs were blown away by strong winds howling in the village. The funds from this grant as well as community contributions would allow the community to come together to build a permanent solution to stop this problem of fewer girls attending school and risking their safety. The project will ensure that girls feel happy and free at school, especially in spacious classrooms. Every child has the right of learning in an environment where they feel safe physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Renovating these two classrooms will ensure that girls earn their right of learning in a physically and psychologically safe environment. The new roofs will ensure that all girls at the Primary school receive a fair education in a teaching and learning friendly space. There fore it will be easy for both boys and girls to work towards achieving their dreams equally without any obstacle.

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