Primary School Rennovations

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This project is led by Emma Stoney, a Volunteer from Virginia

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The renovations at the school will include building materials for the new, required preschool building, windows, doors, desks, chairs, and new blackboards for the existing school blocks, and materials to renovate teacher houses. The impact of the renovations will be vast. With new teacher housing, the community will be allotted more teachers for the school, with a preschool building we will be able to begin education in the community at age 3 rather than age 6, and by renovating the existing classrooms we will foster a healthy and stimulating learning environment for the students of the community.

In the community, renovating the school is often brought up at PTA and community meetings. Parents understand the need to renovate the school, as the school has not been renovated in over twenty years. Every year families are required to pay additional school fees for bags of cement and other necessities for building the preschool building and renovating the other school blocks. Although cement is expensive and the community has not been able to afford to buy enough to finish the building. When discussing the possibility of renovating the school we met with all of the teachers as well as the community. The community has been the driving force behind the project from the beginning.

The community's plan to sustain the benefits of having a renovated school block is to teach the students how to treat new materials nicely. In my community, students are not used to having new things, and therefore don't tend to be bothered when things become broken. To keep the school nice after the renovations depends on changing this mentality. Starting now, we are teaching the students how to appreciate and care for the materials they already have, so that by the time we are able to renovate the school, they will appreciate the new school and work together to be responsible for keeping it nice.

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