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This project is led by Scott Porter, a Volunteer from South Carolina

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Buy 11 projectors and 10 computers to modernize the methods of teaching done at the Preparatory School (KPS). KPS already has a computer lab, electricity in all the classrooms, and wifi in many of the buildings. With the grant and a cash community contribution the wifi will be expanded to all classrooms and the computers and projectors set up so that 10 classrooms and the computer lab will be able to have lessons taught using more modern methods. This will put modern technology into the pupils' classroom, and broaden the techniques (microsoft office, video player, google search) available to the teachers in those classrooms. The portable laptops, projectors, and screens that will be purchased will allow all classrooms to benefit from this until, in the future when the school fundraises by itself, the quantity of computers matches the classrooms. With these improvements we hope to, increase our capacity to educate our students in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The school already has a computer lab, with this project there is potential to drastically improve the computer skills of our students and professional development of the teachers. We hope this will improve on the lessons delivered by the teachers becasue the ywill have the opportunity to research using the internet in their classrooms. With these improvements we will be able to cover a larger amount of ICT practical content, as each student will have more hands-on time with a computer.

Ahabwe is the schools computer lab teacher, he arrived on the staff 2 years ago as the old computer teacher was exiting a lab with few working computers and a crowded learning space. In these two years Ahabwe has developed a curriculum for all learners P1-P7, reorganized the lab to make the space more suitable for learning, taught every single class of pupils at least once a week, and because of the life brought to the lab, persuaded the school management committee and headteacher to buy 7 more computers. His efforts have pushed the school management committee to reconsider their development plans moving forward and they have recently installed wifi across a few buildings at the school and transitioned the computer lab into a brand new space. KPS has the leadership and skills to do this project, however, the funds for something as ambitious are what is lacking. The headteacher asked Ahabwe to work with me on this project last September and he came up with the entire budget, only asking me what limitations he needed to work within. We have decreased the budget immensely from what we started with and have thought about how to make the materials we are asking for work for the whole school. Lastly, because we had started planning before the end of the last school year, when this years budget was being made the head teacher was able to explain to the School Management Committee the project and advocate for space in the budget for the community contribution. This was accepted by the committee.

The Preparatory School already charges school fees for admission, including computer maintenance for the computers in the computer lab. In the future that amount will be increased to ensure proper care of the classroom technologies from this grant; the laptops, projectors, screens, etc. Additionally the Computer Teacher is already in charge of maintaining the quality of the computer lab, and his responsibilities will be increased to include the care of the new equipment, with the help of other teachers delegated as the Computer Committee. This will ensure care of the equipment by the school community, without needed assistance from the Volunteer, even after the material and technical support has ended.

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