Psychoprophylaxis (Lamaze) and Prenatal Stimulation

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This project is led by Gloria Andia, a Volunteer from Georgia

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Currently, there are no tools to work with pregnant women in psychoprophylaxis (Lamaze technique) and prenatal stimulation in the community. Knowledge surrounding prenatal stimulation is lacking and there is an average of two at home births each year. The vision for this project is that pregnant women are physically, psychologically, and socially prepared for safe delivery, and children are stimulated from conception for development. Psychoprophylaxis allows pregnant women to develop healthy habits and behaviors for childbirth and contributes to reducing risky at home births and perinatal complications. Prenatal stimulation promotes the physical, mental, sensory and social development of the fetus from conception. By November 2020, we want to increase mothers' knowledge of prenatal stimulation by 70% and ensure they are better prepared for safe delivery. We will meet this goal with the training of health post workers and community health promoters, group educational sessions, home visits, and working with mothers during their pregnancy checks. With the materials provided by this project and increased skills and knowledge of health workers and promoters, there is an increased opportunity to work with future groups of mothers in the community.

The idea for the project came from the community's obstetrician, who works closely with pregnant women in the community. The space to do the group sessions was donated from a health promoter. A health post worker and a health promoter have contributed time and labor to facilitate group sessions. The community has come together to build a new entrance for the area where group sessions will be held. The mayor and regional authorities have committed to help finance the project.

Training of health post workers and community health promoters ensures that they will have the knowledge to continue working with psychoprophylaxis and prenatal stimulation. In addition, the materials will be available to have educational sessions with future groups of pregnant women. There will always be cases of pregnancy within the community, therefore, it is crucial to continue focusing on psychoprophylaxis and prenatal stimulation.

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