Pre-K Furniture Refurbishment and Vocational Skill Development

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This project is led by Matthew Todd, a Volunteer from Florida

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Over the last few years, the pre-kindergarten space has been continuously renovated and is now is in great condition to provide a safe environment for about 60 children to learn. However, in its current state, it cannot operate at the maximum hours because of an Armenian law that requires pre-kindergarten’s to provide a rest period for children if open for more than five hours. While the pre-k does have some bunk beds, they cannot provide a rest period because they do not have enough for all students and this leads to fewer students being enrolled. Additionally, the existing beds lack safety railings to prevent children from falling out of them. The pre-kindergarten needs to purchase ten more bunk beds and also add railings onto the existing twenty-five bunk beds. This project was prioritized because the pre-kindergarten cannot operate properly under current Armenian laws and does not meet basic safety standards. The community will contribute by providing tools, resources, and labor needed to build railing and furniture for the school. Boys will be working with a furniture expert to take old desks that are being disposed by a local school and use them to repair the existing beds. Additionally, they will build new desks and chairs. This project fits into the local youth center’s goals by combining access to an educational experience, skills development, and fostering environmental awareness.

The leader of the youth center proposed the idea for this project in cooperation with the mayor. The community's boys are excited to help with the work involved with the project. The work involved will be community driven. The youth center leader, school director, and the mayor are playing an active role in the planning process of the grant by finding new beds, determining where to get materials from, organizing boys to help, and contacting experts to help with the trainings.

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