High School Library Project

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This project is led by Lillian Clark, a Volunteer from Oregon

The objective of this project is to collaborate with community members to renovate a classroom into a new library for the local high school. The goal is to provide students with access to study spaces, educational materials, and a diverse collection of books covering health, wellness, and personal enjoyment.

To fulfill this objective, the project will involve cleaning and renovating an empty room on campus. Tasks include fixing walls and ceilings, repairing floor holes, and repainting the space to create a clean and comfortable environment for students. Bookshelves will be built and installed, along with tables, chairs, and a desk for teachers. The addition of a whiteboard, projector, and computer will facilitate teaching and studying, allowing for multimedia presentations. The library will also provide students with the ability to check out pens, pencils, rulers, and other school materials.

The school principal is taking the lead in this project, overseeing renovations, addressing budgetary considerations, and actively contributing to the design of the library. The meticulous planning of the library, which encompasses decisions on location, material requirements, and thorough research for sourcing materials, has been diligently carried out by the dedicated team of school teachers. The inclusive approach of involving students, teachers, local carpenters, and parents in the renovation process not only highlights community contribution but also underscores the commitment to the long-term sustainability of this project.

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