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Community Nurses' Quarters

Community meeting
Project by Alexis Bennett, Volunteer from New Jersey


The purpose of this grant is to construct a four-unit nurses’ quarters. It will provide essential living accommodations for healthcare workers, ultimately enhancing job satisfaction and service delivery, leading to improved health outcomes within the community.

To ensure effective implementation, the community has established a committee comprising respected individuals with relevant expertise and a strong commitment to community development. They have diligently set goals, conducted comprehensive planning, and committed materials and skilled labor, to this endeavor. By undertaking this project, community members will acquire and enhance various skills, such as communication, leadership, financial planning, and project management. This initiative will significantly bolster the community's capacity to execute grants successfully, fostering confidence and expertise for future development projects. The sustained maintenance of the nurses’ quarters will be overseen by the dedicated committee and the occupants, ensuring long-term functionality and benefit to the community.

Community contributions $8,827.74
Funding complete
Goal $18,757.93