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This project is led by Conal Thie, a Volunteer from Idaho

This grant aims to enhance computer literacy among primary and junior high school students by establishing an Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) lab. The funding will facilitate the creation of a fully equipped lab with 16 desktop computers, a projector, a laptop, and computer desks accommodating up to 24 students.

Currently, students only receive ICT instruction through teacher-led lessons using a chalkboard, with topics ranging from MS Word and Excel to keyboard functions and email creation. The introduction of the ICT lab will improve their learning experience, enabling hands-on practice and interactive learning opportunities. The significance of computer literacy extends beyond academic performance, as it prepares students for higher education and equips them with essential skills for the modern workforce.

Community leaders have demonstrated strong support for the project, committing resources and funds to ensure its sustainability. This grant will not only empower students with valuable skills but also foster a foundation for lifelong learning and success in an increasingly technology-driven world.

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