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This project is led by Carrie Krenke, a Volunteer from Wisconsin

This grant aims to establish a functional library stocked with diverse reading materials to enhance literacy among local students and improve their academic performance. While the school has been accumulating books over time, there hasn't been a dedicated space for students to access them easily. Under this grant, a Library Committee will be formed to oversee the management and maintenance of the library, ensuring its continuous improvement. Once implemented, students will have access to a variety of educational and recreational books, fostering both academic growth and a love for reading.

Creating a library environment where students can study and develop their literacy skills is paramount to boosting their learning outcomes. Evidence shows that when students have access to resources, they eagerly utilize them. Many students already demonstrate this by reading storybooks and old textbooks found within the school. Therefore, providing a well-equipped library will not only enrich their educational experience but also empower them to reach their full potential.

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