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School Greenhouse Project

greenhouse with kids
Project by Nadirah Royer, Volunteer from Georgia
Lesotho Agriculture


The purpose of this grant is to complete the construction of a greenhouse for a local school community dedicated to providing healthier, nutrient-rich meals to its students. The community is proactively addressing malnutrition in the school, through the development of the greenhouse and educational programs.

The school’s garden fosters healthy learning opportunities for vulnerable students, helping them overcome poverty by providing essential resources, including time and land. The proposed project involves building a greenhouse and installing a water irrigation system in the garden area. The irrigation system will mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions, such as droughts, ensuring the produce receives adequate water. Additionally, the greenhouse will offer shade and protection, safeguarding future crops from damage by local animals and harsh weather. The upgraded garden will continue to teach students and teachers the importance of caring for vegetation, contributing significantly to the well-being of the school community.

Community contributions $1,942.24
Funding complete
Goal $6,786.83