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Volunteer Projects

Leadership Development Through Culture

Project by Taylor Clarke, Volunteer from Missouri
Jamaica Youth


For over 20 years, youth have been guided to build life skills and develop as leaders through a dedicated summer camp. Each year, a 13-day camp welcomes up to 60 campers utilizing a tiered counselor system comprising 6 senior, 6 junior, and 6 trainees, who are selected by their peers for their leadership and mentoring abilities. These counselors plan the entire camp during the off-season and engage in year-round community activities, including hospital gift-giving, lemonade fundraisers, and beach cleanups.

Campers contribute a modest registration fee, while additional funds for transportation and food are raised through community efforts. A portion of the proceeds from crafts sold at the camp's concluding event also supports camp expenses.

Funding is requested to host a local musician who will give insights into the reggae genre before the youth take a field trip to visit the Bob Marley Museum. Bob Marley, beyond being a legendary musician, embodies the essence of Jamaican culture, perseverance, and unity. His legacy serves as an inspiring model for Jamaican youth, teaching resilience, empathy, compassion, courage, integrity, and unity.

Community contributions $979.53
Funding complete
Goal $3,908.10