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This project is led by Steven Rivera Camacho, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

The goal of this project is to host a “Mental Health Awareness Conference” event in order to raise awareness in the community, especially among adolescents from the local school, about the importance of mental health and the benefits of talking about this unusual topic with family and friends. The objectives of the project are to increase knowledge on mental health topics relevant to the adolescent health manual for adolescents and parents. These topics will include discussion on adolescent mental health issues, mental health disorder prevention, and life skills for students and parents. The purpose of the conference is to help students, caregivers, and facilitators be able to identify, recognize, associate, and differentiate varying types of mental illnesses, and disorders.

This conference will be divided into two parts. The first session will be held during the day for students to give them the space to attend any of the workshops they want without pressure from parents. The Volunteer and school psychologist will hold workshops to train the school administration and facilitators on the topic of mental health during the conference. The second session will be held at night for parents and/or caregivers that work during the day. The workshops will be taught by facilitators and health personnel from the local hospital specializing in the subject. After the conference, the Volunteer and school administration will begin a tutoring program. During the school year, students will receive mental health sessions based on the topics covered in the conference.

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