Youth House in Ecuador

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This project is led by Jordan Lummus, a Volunteer from Michigan

The purpose of this grant is to establish a Youth House for the local community's youth. Currently, there are very few programs available for adolescents outside of school, resulting in excessive free time that contributes to higher rates of teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and lower literacy levels. This project aims to provide a safe space where adolescents can receive guidance from trusted staff members and engage in consistent, weekly activities after school. The Youth House will feature a community library and book club, weekly art classes, a parent’s school, and employability workshops for high school students preparing to graduate.

This project already has the support and cooperation of various community members, who will clear the land and renovate the building designated for the Youth House. Funding this project will build capacity of counterparts by engaging them in project planning, design and implementation. A major goal of the project is to involve more youth in the sustainability and longevity of the Youth House by training them as future leaders, ensuring the Youth House is maintained and active for the foreseeable future.

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