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  • Ecuador
This project is led by Preston Grossling, a Volunteer from Texas

This grant aims to establish a secure and inclusive environment for youth of all ages to engage in various activities after school, including homework, learning, and recreation, while also fostering community involvement. The project's core focus is on enhancing and reinvigorating the community library to serve as an educational, cultural, and interactive hub for youth and families.

Grant funding will enable access to essential amenities such as computers, a well-stocked library, seating arrangements, audio-visual equipment, and an open area for versatile use. The facility will support various trainings and initiatives, including youth development classes, parental sessions, digital literacy training, and extracurricular clubs. Successful implementation will require close coordination among local and municipal authorities, library staff, and community members, who all agree the goal is to create a sustainable resource center that will benefit youth for years to come.

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