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This project is led by Erica Garduno, a Volunteer from California

An intercultural health program in rural Ecuador weaves together indigenous birthing traditions and western midwifery. Two of the program's main objectives are to empower indigenous women and to decrease the mortality rate of women at birth in these territories. With that purpose in mind, the maternal and child health education program was created. The work of the program is centered around training indigenous women so they can become Community Health Promoters (CHPs) in topics related to midwifery and community health; thus, having the skills to provide safe and culturally appropriate maternal care to their communities' pregnant mothers.

After an extensive evaluation of the CPHs training program, it was determined that a continuing education program was needed. Grant funds are needed to host a 4th workshop to further educate the CPHs so that the indigenous women could be fully certified as midwives. With their certification, they will be able to advocate further for women’s health, advance their career, and have more financial independence with the increase of job opportunities. Not only are these women being exposed to an increasing knowledge of midwifery and community health, but the work they have been doing for many years within indigenous territories will be officially acknowledged.

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