Economic Empowerment through Digital Literacy Conference 2

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Dominican Republic
This project is led by Lauren Blanding, a Volunteer from Minnesota

Small businesses across the Dominican Republic provide financial stability for many communities, and especially for women and youth. This grant will give small business owners an opportunity to grow their digital marketing strategies and financial literacy capabilities through a three-day in-person conference.

Each participant will receive support in creating four social media business accounts on the following platforms: WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Maps. They will then receive additional training on maintaining and growing these accounts. The conference will be co-sponsored by the Dominican Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Small Business (MICM). MICM works directly with small businesses in developing communities and created the foundational materials we will implement at the conference. MICM will provide over 40 hours of direct facilitation during the conference and will continue to support participants in their economic pursuits following the completion of grant activities.

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