Economic Empowerment through Digital Literacy Conference 1

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This project is led by Michael Santry, a Volunteer from Illinois

The purpose of this grant is to fund the participation of 35 Dominican small business owners in a conference on economic empowerment through digital literacy. Throughout the Dominican Republic, small businesses play a vital role in supporting economic security by providing jobs, especially for women and youth in disadvantaged communities. Improved financial literacy creates more profitable businesses, while digital marketing can attract new customers and increase sales.

This conference will be a continuation of previous Economic Empowerment through Digital Literacy conferences organized and facilitated by Peace Corps and the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Small Businesses (MICM). MICM works directly with small businesses has created the foundational materials to implement at this conference. Along with the materials, MICM will provide over 40 hours of direct facilitation during the conference and will continue to support the small business owners in their economic pursuits following the completion of grant activities.

Following the completion of this grant, a Digital Literacy manual will be created for current and future Volunteers to provide further 1-on-1 trainings and group workshops to small business owners in their communities.

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