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This project is led by Andrew Larson, a Volunteer from California

This grant encompasses two primary initiatives: a documentary project and workforce readiness training. The documentary project aims to train a team of youth ethnographers to capture the lived experiences of local youth through film. This team will travel to 10 different villages to conduct ethnographic research on local folklore, linguistic variety, cultural crafts, tattoos, history, and contemporary challenges. By documenting and producing this film for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, the project aims to reach a broad audience within Moroccan society, redefining indigenous youth's connection to their heritage in a contemporary context.

The grant also focuses on equipping local youth with essential life and technical skills for the workforce. Two months prior to the documentary filming, participants will undergo training in filming, video editing, interviewing, ethnographic practices and ethics, professionalism, grant writing, and project management. Weekly professional workshops will feature experts from various fields, including art, entrepreneurship, and the non-profit sector. A selected team of 11 youths will embark on a trip where they will receive training on cultural preservation and entrepreneurship from experts in the carpet industry.

This grant project will establish an annual summer film and workshop series, with equipment retained by the local association and will be accessible to the public through the library. Additionally, it will bolster the organization's capacity and community support to continue developing projects that promote community service and cultural preservation in the region.

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