Environmental Awareness Through Computer Literacy

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  • Morocco
This project is led by Hayden Huebner, a Volunteer from Oregon

The goal of this grant is to equip local girls with essential skills such as typing, research, fact-checking, presentation preparation, and confident public speaking, all with a focus on environmental issues. Due to the current inadequacy of outdated computers and software, this grant will finance the acquisition of new computers, enabling valuable learning opportunities for the participating youth. Beyond digital skills, participants will take part in village hikes to identify local plants and evaluate the environmental impact of trash and littering. This initiative aims to help participants develop employable skills, expand their horizons, and promote a cleaner, healthier future for themselves and their community.

The youth program will be sustained by two community counterparts who will continue the educational assessments and workshop sessions, alongside a community leader who will guide the hikes and train other local leaders to assume facilitator roles in the future.

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