Beekeeping Startup

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  • Nepal
This project is led by Mark Hunter, a Volunteer from Colorado

This grant aims to provide beehives and beekeeping training to enhance local farmers’ capacity for beekeeping and improve current management practices. Upon completion, the project will have facilitated the establishment of 75 beekeepers in the area, empowering farmers to establish a network for future business opportunities. Community members have organized meetings to talk about project details, such as the monetary contribution towards the hives or the in-kind contributions of a training venue and lodging for the trainer in the villages.

In Nepal, the main barriers to entering beekeeping are startup costs and lack of information. This grant seeks to address these obstacles by subsidizing the cost of essential equipment and ensuring accessible training. By project completion, participants will possess the necessary tools to educate other community members about beekeeping and expand their hive populations, turning beekeeping into a sustainable business venture. Additionally, the network of beekeepers formed during training will facilitate ongoing collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the local farmers.

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