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Volunteer Projects

Sustainable Tourism Empowerment and Conservation Initiative

natural lake
Project by Brian Moberg, Volunteer from Minnesota
Kyrgyz Republic Business Development


This grant proposal aims to foster sustainable tourism by empowering local stakeholders, enriching tourism offerings, and establishing protected areas to prevent ecological degradation. This initiative will have a lasting impact on the community by providing essential resources to improve business skills, hospitality, and marketing strategies, while also creating a national park and developing a coordinated tourism marketing strategy for one of the region's most visited and vulnerable areas.

Community involvement is central to this project, with planning and implementation guided by local input through consultations and participatory decision-making. The plan is to deliver high-quality training, develop an effective web platform, and draft a comprehensive park proposal in Kyrgyzstan. The project's benefits will continue through ongoing educational initiatives, partnerships with community institutions, and revenue from sustainable tourism after its completion.

Community contributions $1,241.54
Funding complete
Goal $3,759.72