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Volunteer Projects

Enhancing English Language with Books

Project by Ruth Woroch, Volunteer from Illinois
Kyrgyz Republic Education


This grant aims to supply English textbooks for all students in grades 3-11 at the local school, addressing the lack of access due to families' financial constraints. The textbooks will be school-owned and reused over multiple years. Additionally, the grant will enrich the preschool library with age-appropriate books to boost early English vocabulary and will establish a Mothers' Group to foster social interaction and reduce isolation among young mothers in the village.

School teachers will be trained through workshops to effectively incorporate these resources into their teaching. This training will cover the use of online resources, lesson planning, instructional techniques, professional development, and student tutorials. Preschool staff will receive guidance on group facilitation and managing the library's book check-out system. Regular attendees of the Mothers' Group will also be trained for leadership roles, focusing on group dynamics, communication, and sustaining group activities.

Community contributions $1,917.92
Funding complete
Goal $6,897.44