English Language Room

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This project is led by Holly La Porte, a Volunteer from Wisconsin

The goal of this project is to make necessary renovations to a classroom, and then to equip it with furniture, technology, and books to create an English resource center. This center will provide a place for teaching, learning, training, games, clubs and movies to support English language learning. The English resource center will contain resources for higher education and national testing, with the goal of increasing scores in national testing.

The long-term goal of the grant is to achieve a 10-20% increase in test scores among students. The Volunteer and counterpart will monitor this by continuing with active test prep clubs and implementing quizzes and practice tests to assess learning. Additionally, there will be quarterly trainings for 20 English teachers, to improve their teaching and speaking practice, and incorporate the resource center into lesson plans.

The community has shown their involvement by providing information about equipment and furniture needed for the resource center. The local government and area businesses are also helping with renovations in the classroom. School administration and teachers have committed to take responsibility for the upkeep, upgrades, and repairs, as well as the records of measured outcomes.

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