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This project is led by Grace Bielefeld, a Volunteer from Indiana

The goal of this grant is to obtain 60 computers from a nonprofit organization that provides digital resources to youth, empowering them to reach their full potential. These computers will be set up in classroom computer labs in two universities for IT courses, mentorship programs, computer clubs, and research. The universities are responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure, including building, furniture, electricity, WiFi, and staff for lab maintenance. Both universities have financial limitations but are determined to improve access to technology for their students and as a result, they are committed to covering costs related to maintenance, electricity, internet, and staff salaries.

Following the arrival of the computers, a targeted teacher training program will be conducted for interested faculty and staff at both institutions, ensuring their proficiency in computer usage and the ability to educate their colleagues and students. This sustains a cycle of knowledge and technology adoption, fostering long-term impact and empowering community change-makers. In short, this project aspires to bridge the technology gap, empower students and educators, and create lasting impacts within this community.

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