School Library in Zambia

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This project is led by Michael Lambert, a Volunteer from New York

The goal of this project is to create a library that will give students a place to read and a space for teachers to store their books. Providing new reading materials for the students will help boost English literacy rates and provide teachers with resources to improve lesson plans and teaching methodologies. Community builders will use grant funds to purchase cement, iron bars, nails, roofing tiles as well as other items needed to build the library and a local craftsman will construct all the furniture for the space. The Volunteer will work with their local counterparts to secure donated books for this project. These books will be kept and organized in the new school library.

Following the completion of the library the Volunteer will host a workshop where the teachers will learn how to organize and maintain the library. During the workshop teachers will learn how to use the books to create new lesson plans as well as exchange ideas with each other and the Volunteer. After the workshop, teachers will establish a Library Club. Club members will be responsible for maintaining the library and in the future, they will teach the students and new teachers how to properly use the space and care for the library. After the establishment of the library, the Volunteer and school will create a vegetable garden. Sales from the garden will be used for library upkeep and maintenance to make sure that the library infrastructure will remain adequate.

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