School Education Every Day (S.E.E.D.) Program

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  • Albania
This project is led by Rakesh Jobanputra, a Volunteer from New Jersey

The primary objective of this grant is to extend educational and developmental support to 27 children from the Roma community, fostering their academic growth, life skills, and confidence, essential for successfully completing their school education. A pivotal aspect of this initiative is the collaboration with a Big Brother, Big Sister mentoring program, which pairs each child with a carefully selected high school student. These mentors undergo rigorous training to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively fill educational gaps and provide tailored guidance.

In addition to the mentoring program, efforts are being made to involve the parents of these students through informative sessions. The objective is to enlighten them about the profound benefits that regular school attendance and a focused education can have on the future prospects of their children. A critical milestone for this initiative is the ambitious goal to expand the reach of the School Education Every Day (S.E.E.D.) Program from initially benefiting 27 children to encompassing 40 or more within the span of 12 months.

Ensuring the longevity and impact of this program will necessitate strategic collaboration and consistent reinforcement among various stakeholders within the community. Through initial pilot efforts, the Volunteer has engaged proactively with parents, initiating meaningful dialogues centered around the significance of education. Encouragingly, these interactions have evoked a positive response, with the mothers expressing keen interest in enrolling their children in S.E.E.D. classes and appreciating the support and involvement from the program.

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