Basketball Court in Cambodia

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This project is led by Amrita Vepa, a Volunteer from California

Funds for this grant will be used to build a basketball court that will be used for physical education and athletic activities at a primary school in Cambodia. The overall goal of building a basketball court is to improve student health, class performance, and enjoyment in playing sports by the end of 2025. Within the school there have been multiple concerns regarding students' health and high dropout rates. Faculty members raised the issue and identified the need to build a basketball court to help target the problem and help introduce sports into the students' curriculum.

Sports have positive effects on students' development, including increases in social skills, academic performance, and mental health. Thus, building the basketball court will help strengthen students' capacities for healthy lifestyle and exercise habits. In addition, teachers will be trained to play sports to add it to their curriculum to ensure longevity. This will increase teachers' capacities to teach sports and teachers will learn how to implement healthy lifestyle skills in their students' lives as well as their own lives. Faculty members will also be trained on how to evaluate the success of the project. To monitor the success of this grant, we will use attendance records, grades, and evaluate the students' attitudes and satisfaction with playing sports. This data will exemplify how the basketball court impacted students' happiness, class performance, and attendance.

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