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This project is led by Elizabeth Anderson, a Volunteer from Minnesota

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The local Primary School is seeking funds to build a “Poultry Farm” on the school grounds to improve the School community. The goal of the project is to establish a sustainable business to provide resources to enhance the physical and academic environment for pupils and teachers. The project will create an income generating project that can be developed to sustain the pupils’ and teachers’ welfare for many years into the future. The poultry farm will serve as an educational learning laboratory for pupils and teachers on the many benefits of raising chickens, producing eggs and operating a farm. Approximately 23% of the school population receive lunch (maize and beans) and for those who go without, this negatively impacts their ability to concentrate and learn in class. The lack of adequate resources has negatively impacted the school community and learning environment for the pupils and teachers. The community contribution is significant (26% of the project costs) and what cannot be quantified is the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from all corners. School administrators will serve as the project managers for the construction of the poultry farm.

The Primary School is seeking support to build a "Poultry Farm" to address the many unmet needs that have been identified through thoughtful discussions with key stakeholders from the community, school leaders and teachers, and the SMC. The Executive Committee (Board Chair, parent/teacher representatives, church, and local leaders) have given their overwhelming support to create a “Poultry Farm for Pupils.” The SMC together with the teachers decided that the implementation of this project is a priority. The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher will be shepherding all the implementation of poultry farm by serving as the Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager. Once the project starts and after completion, the teachers will supervise to ensure the safety and security of the farm, chickens and pupils. One of the teachers in the school have expressed their desire to “own” the implementation of the project and contribute as needed to its ongoing success. The SMC, key community local leaders, school administration, teaching staff, and the pupils are energized by the dream of building a poultry farm on the School campus. The dream of building a poultry farm has been eagerly endorsed by the SMC, Primary School and surrounding community because the goal is to be self-sustaining for decades; serving the pupils, teachers, and community. Teachers and pupils will be trained on how to operate a successful poultry farm and pass this knowledge onto new teachers and community members. Once the poultry farm is fully operational and the birds start producing eggs for sale to the local market, the revenues will be adequate to maintain the chicken farm. Also, the two on-site teacher supervisors will be volunteering their services. Starting with 200 chicks (layers), it is estimated that after all expenses are paid, the poultry farm will generate an additional $1,000 to help support the needs of the school community.

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