Pilot Program (2 Schools and 1 Kindergarten) - Implementation of Recycling Methods with Equipment and Proper Education

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This project is led by Antonia Gale, a Volunteer from California

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Recycling methods that we want to achieve.
The recycling methods that we want to achieve.
The new law in Ukraine as of 01/01/2018 is about sorting garbage (recycling). This law will regulate how municipalities deal with garbage and recycling to adhere to the standards as the rest of Europe. PCV site has about 17 schools out of which 2 were singled out and 1 kindergarten for a pilot program. This pilot program will include teaching students of importance of environment preservation and influence degradation of environment has on quality of the life in the region. Project goal is double sided: first to implement teaching about preservation of environment via recycling, and second to practice implementation of the recycle program by properly training young about sorting of waste by providing them with proper equipment. This project will teach youth about recycling methods and idea is that this youth will then teach their parents, friends, and family of importance of recycling as well.
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