Parents' School and Recreation Area

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This project is led by Hayley Hoaglund, a Volunteer from Minnesota

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Students' standing in line posing for a group photo outside.
Hayley is working with counterparts to build a Parent's School and Recreation Area for local students'.

In our town, interfamilial communication is substantially lacking, resulting in family violence and lack of respect, support and love in homes. The central activities of this Project are to elaborate parents’ school sessions with the support of the ministry of women and vulnerable populations, the commissary, psychologists, and the school director, to excel in better treatment within families. Kids do not have a place where they can play and spend time with their parents, so we would like to complete this project to benefit the children and guide parents, achieving better family integration and communication. As part of the project we hope to train teachers on gender inclusion practices, form a youth leadership club that support the development of gender inclusive activities and construct a park with the idea that families unite in a common place and put into practice what they learn in the sessions of parents’ school. The park will be used as a tool to facilitate the goals of parents’ school, which are better family communication, more interaction within family and showing love and support in the lives of their children. For the execution of the project, the community donated terrain and created a leadership team created by five community members to supervise and implement el project, assuring sustainable results.

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