Developing Organizational Skills with the Library Committee

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This project is led by Erik Medina, a Volunteer from Oklahoma

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This project will help develop organization skills in the community by working directly with the Library Committee. This project will encourage and develop reading skills among the community members by providing a small library building for the use of the community. The construction process of the library will focus on using recycled material to encourage environmental awareness and sustainable building practices. Approximately a 70 square foot building will be provided on the grounds of the community School. To encourage environmental awareness and economic stability the building will be built out of eco-blocks (recycled plastic bottle filled with plastic trash). Part of the funding for this project will go towards purchasing agricultural and reference books. The community and Library Committee will be responsible for providing the bookshelves and remaining collection of books, as well as managing the library.

Community members have volunteered to be part of the new Library Committee and have started organizing fundraisers to collect money to buy books. The committee currently has one hundred dollars to buy books in the near future. The president is helping organize the logistics of the community participation like construction and work days of the possible new library building. The community is also helping collect plastic bottles and plastics trash to make the needed 1,500 eco-bricks. The community is going to help make the needed 1,500 eco-bricks as each one takes at least 10 minutes to make. The community will contribute to the construction of the library with approximately 21 work days needed. The community will also help manage the library so it is accessible on a weekly basis. The Community is going to also provide the book shelves and the majority of the books to fill the shelves. The goal is to have filled the building with three, full book shelves. The goal of the committee is to raise two to three hundred dollars every four to six months. Then they will go to a local bookstore to purchase more books for the library until the library has sufficient book for the community. Finally, the local school is providing the land on which the library will be built.

The responsibility of the library will be shared between the teachers, Library Committee, Parent Teacher Association, and community members to ensure sustainability. The parents of the school students will help run the library on a weekly basis and they will be trained by the library committee members. The teacher will also be using the library during school hours to help encourage the students to read. The teachers have monthly meeting with the Parent Teacher Association and they also have general meeting with all the parents four times a year to communicate efficiently. As the school is a major beneficiary of the library, these general meetings will be opportunities to update all community members of the status of the library and facilitate conversations of best management practices. The Library Committee members will change every 4 years and the old members will train the newly elected members.

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