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This project is led by Savannah Harris, a Volunteer from Oklahoma

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During my service as a Peace Corps volunteer, I have found myself working with a dedicated group of 25 women who are committed to changing the lives of themselves and that of those within the community. This group has made it a priority to not only find ways to generate income for their own families but commit to helping to community have a place that people can work on improved health behaviors, and improved economic success. After workshopping several cooking demos and Income Generating Activities (IGAs) the group decided there should be a space that way used by the community that was secure and supported the community in their ability to meet to learn different skills. To successfully begin educating larger groups within the community the group has secured a bit of land for the location but more need to be done. Through the allocation of funds there will be a small structure built that will enable group to have a secure place to not only carry out IGAs, but also as a place that groups can meet to do cooking demos or hold health education programs.

This grant seeks to offer a space for education, economic empowerment and the initial materials needed to get the project off the ground. Once these materials are allocated, the group will have the resources required to continuously buy and sell goods they are creating. Since the building project is managed by the women’s group, if the group members and the community, work to utilize the space to its full potential the building will be a great asset to the community. We have ensured that the community understands that the building is to be utilized by the whole community and that all community members know that this is a place that can be used for under-fives and any other educational programs that they need a space to give their programs. Additionally, we hope to start working with boarding schools to buy vegetables to gain more demand, higher profits, and greater sustainability of the IGA part of the project.

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