Northwest Reusable Menstruation Pad Making Workshops

  • Let Girls Learn
  • Women & Gender
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  • Zambia
This project is led by Sara Pauwels, a Volunteer from New Jersey

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Girls' are sitting on the floor making menstruation pads during a workshop.
Sara and her counterparts are facilitating a Reusable Menstruation Pad Making Workshop.
The Northwest Reusable Menstruation Pad Making Workshops will be based in individual volunteer's communities, where they will use the materials provided to teach women and girls in their communities how to create reusable menstruation pads. The attendees (women and girls) will also learn about better hygiene, health skills and leadership skills. The communities will be providing the attendees and the meeting locations. The impact of these workshops is immeasurable because when women/girls have a safe, hygienic way to handle a their periods, they can return to school, have a better quality of life and change the world. Women/girls have been fighting for their place in the world for many years and due to cultural norms and tradition, many women are held back due to their assumed biological provisions. However, the workshops are a step towards a better life for rural women and the future. Without women, we are missing half of the world's intelligence, ingenuity and way of thinking.
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