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This project is led by Michael Boice, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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Students reading and taking notes.
Michael works with counterparts to provide new resources and technology in the community.

The main goal of the New Resources and Technology project is to bring better resources into the classroom to improve student academic achievement and teacher capacity for teaching. Teachers will be trained on how to use the new equipment and incorporate them into the lesson plans for their own classes. Improvements to the resources and technology in the classroom directly benefit the female students. The percentage of students who attend and participate in class are disproportionately girls. Often times female students ask for extra work from outside of the resources and lament the lack of resources at the school. With the new resources, the girls can challenge themselves to learn more and not run out of material. Female students also tend to be the most creative in the classroom. They often create beautiful drawings or clever skits, but could produce much more with increased access to technology.

When teachers decide to have performances for holiday celebrations and other events, it is often female students that participate and help out. Female students miss class sometimes because they are helping out and making decorations. The president and vice president of the student government are both girls and spend hours helping teachers prepare for events. With access to a computer and projector, girls could spend less time preparing for these events and more time in class. The majority of teachers at the school are female and are also one of the main beneficiaries of this grant. The grant increases their teaching capacity through the use of technology. If young girls see female teachers proficient with technology, it can inspire them to also become proficient with technology and advance their future career prospects.

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