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This project is led by Grace Karney, a Volunteer from Washington

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The impact of this project will give students in the community access to resources that will improve their reading habits and support our school’s efforts towards literacy and quality education. Additionally, it will allow them opportunities to further their knowledge of the world around them through the cultural center. We will transform the area into a comfortable and inviting multipurpose center with the overall goal of improving the reading culture and giving students a more global outlook. Students will feel at home and will be pleased to spend time in this space. The community will contribute 27% of funds and resources for this project. Both a book committee and a decorations committee have been created, composed of staff and teachers that will oversee and run the library. There are ten students on the book committee that have voiced their love of reading and the wish that the school gain additional reading resources. They have thus far been in charge of book collection and donations from the school and community. Teachers and students alike will be trained on how to use the room. The geography teacher and English teachers will hold a one hour session for every class in grade 10 in the room every semester. The multipurpose center will also partner with other school communities in the area to host a semesterly “literacy night.” Additional activities such as English club and student committee meetings will take place in this space.

My counterpart initially approached me with this project January 2019. She had discussed it at length with the principal, and it was determined that a multipurpose center was the main priority for this school year. Our staff member currently in charge of the textbook check in and check out system, attended the PDM conference with me in May. He will serve as the main librarian and will receive librarian training in October 2019. The two Counterparts helped create this proposal. We have also formed a book committee and a decorations committee both containing ten students each. These two committees have been incredibly helpful and active in the book collection process and generating ideas for sources of cheaper books. They have also provided lengthy input on what they would like from this space. Both the book committee and decorations committee will have various essential roles in setting up and running the library throughout the project. Staff members from the school helped determine the budget, and will be engaged throughout and after the completion of the project. The art teacher will help our decorations committee create the world map and other decorations the students plan on putting on display. Three volunteers from the community will help with room improvements and supply gathering. Our geography teacher, will utilize the cultural center by hosting a one hour session once a semester for every class in grade 10 using the resources in the room for projects. Our principal donated 3,000,000 rupiah from the school, and is eager to assist with the project and advertise our literacy nights to the local school community.

One of the main focuses of our planning has been sustainability. The previous Volunteer assisted with an English Corner in the school. However there was no checkout system and no one to run this station after the PCV left. We have already countered this previous problem by setting up contact with the closest library in our province located two hours away. The head librarian there has already begun to administer librarian training to the staff member currently in charge of the textbook check out room at our school. He will finish by mid October. Through this training, he will learn about checkout and cataloging systems, accession numbers, shelving sequences, and other aspects involved in setting up and running a library. This will ensure that the new resources we acquire will not go missing and that our library portion will have organizational structure that students can easily follow. He will then train another teacher and our book committee on how to run the multipurpose room, and they will all help train the teachers. Not only will the book committee be trained on how to maintain the space, but they have contributed many ideas as to how all students can take care of the room. They want to put up “Multipurpose Room Rules” charts, have consequences for damaging books, and questionnaires on how to improve the room every semester. Additionally, they have many longer term wishes they have voiced as well. Their ideas for after the multipurpose room is up and running have been to initiate projects such as “Theme of the Month” for the library portion, gather more books about cultures from around the world, and to have literary competitions with a prize based system. The students on this committee have been incredibly invested in this project from the start, and are dedicated to providing the school with quality a learning resource space. They will keep contact with another library and exchange ideas on a semesterly basis. Our geography teacher, will ensure the longevity of the project through yearly projects his students will complete. He will ask every student in grade ten to choose a country from the world map and do a mini report on the cultural aspects of the area. Our two English teachers, will utilize the post cards as well in their English classes to discuss differences in cultures. Lastly, our school has already introduced a new long term measure to increase reading interest levels. Every third Friday morning of the month has been dubbed “Literacy Morning.” All 700 students will bring a book from home or borrow one and read outside in the courtyard for thirty minutes before classes start. The multipurpose room will continually provide the school with resources to make sure this initiative is successful.

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