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This project is led by Mariana Cubillos, a Volunteer from Illinois

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This project is for the construction of a concrete multi-sport court in the volunteer's community in Panama. The court will be 28 meters by 15 meters and will serve as a basketball, volleyball, and micro-soccer court. The project’s objective is twofold: the construction of the court will not only improve the health of community members by providing a safe space to exercise for boys and girls, but will also serve as a catalyst for economic development in the area by bringing more athletic tournaments as well as become a meeting point for the community and any travelers passing through. In preparation for this project, the community has already solicited and been approved to receive funds from a third-party contribution through an organization called Courts for Kids. Courts for Kids donates materials and brings students from the United States to work in conjunction with community members in the construction of the court. This collaboration introduces a cultural exchange component to the project by allowing community members to show and incorporate the U.S. American students into the Ngäbe culture. The community will also be volunteering their labor, free of charge, as well as some of the materials, like sand and gravel from a nearby river, and equipment for the project.

The community members acknowledge that once the court has been finished, the work is far from over. They realize that the court will need to be maintained and that they will have to continuously strive to make the court an economic driver in the community. With this in mind, the soccer team has taken the initiative to take responsibility for the maintenance of the court. They will ensure that the court is always in its best shape, and/or take the necessary steps to fix it in order for the entire community to continue benefiting from it. The community members have also made it a priority to use the court as an income generator. By using the skills and capacities that they will learn during the preparations for the project, they will be able to organize and pursue more and more activities, events, and tournaments that will bring in additional funds to the community. The court has the opportunity to become a cornerstone, not only for the community, but the surrounding region. The court would be the only one of its kind in the area, attracting people from surrounding communities to use and benefit from it. This increased activity in the community will help out local stores and restaurants expand their clientele from the residents of the community's visitors from surrounding areas as well, creating a lasting impact on the community.

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