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This project is led by Sean Mclaughlin, a Volunteer from New Jersey

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Within Mongolia the intellectually disabled are often forgotten and left behind. Of this group of individuals an even smaller portion suffers due to isolation and lack of athletic opportunities. This group consists of individuals with Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). The goal of this project is to implement a specific program, Motor Activity Training Program (MATP), which will give the chance for up to 100+ athletes with PMLD to participate in sports and physical activities that they normally would not be able to take part in. As well we plan to train 50-60 coaches directly with them moving on to teach others, overall aiming in the indirect training of 100s of individuals, in the skills needed for an MATP event and training of people with PMLD. It will involve trainings for coaches, PCVs, parents, doctors, and social workers as well as online trainings for those in the countryside. This project will also supply equipment that is needed directly for people with PMLD, because they are too severely disabled to use traditional sporting equipment. This program will be hosted and organized alongside Special Olympics Mongolia. This program will be the first of its kind to be implemented in Mongolia.

Families of children with PMLD, Coaches, local medical volunteers, fitness clubs, and civil servants are the main force behind this project. Special Olympics Mongolia will host training events countrywide to teach parents and coaches how to help, train, and interact with the special individuals. Once coaches have been trained with MATP they will be able to hold smaller training sessions with athletes who have PMLD to prepare them for the spring MATP challenge event. Our plan is to directly give coaches, parents, social workers, and doctors the skills needed to organize these trainings on their own. As well after the challenge event in April coaches will still be able to continue to train these individuals with PMLD. Also, doing the online trainings for the countryside people will allow this program to spread countrywide. The online trainings will specifically be for aimag center people first, then it will be their responsibility to pass the information on to members of surrounding soums. We will enforce that these trainings are being organized by having Aimags submit a planned training within a month of their online trainings. Also, we want to ensure that local community and governments will provide room in their budgets for this program to continue. Our goal is to allow mainly Mongolians to spread this knowledge to all levels of the community. As well most of the grant budget will be directly used to buy equipment specific for people with PMLD, these individuals do not have the skills to use common sporting goods that is why the specialized equipment is needed. To ensure the sustainability we plan to train coaches not only how to interact with these people but how to properly use the equipment we provide so that nothing is damaged in the future by providing them with a handbook on MATP. This handbook will include training and equipment information for the whole MATP process. We will also make sure all coaches know where items were purchased in case of damage. Two main coaches will be in charge of maintaining equipment, and signing it out to others, once the project has concluded. We will also travel and deliver equipment to two Aimags where we will leave the persons in charge of working with the disabled responsible of knowing how to use, and sign out, this equipment.

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