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This project is led by Austin Maggard, a Volunteer from Ohio

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I remember my first day of teaching English at the local Togolese middle school in 2016. Our first lesson was on greetings. After writing some common phrases on the chalkboard, I asked my students to open their English textbooks. Of the 94 students that packed my classroom, only eight took out their textbooks. Why only eight? The others couldn’t afford them. 

There are approximately 1,500 students at my school and the vast majority do not have textbooks for any of their classes. This makes it difficult for students to complete homework assignments, participate in class, and study for exams. Last year, the average final exam passing rate for all the 8th grade classes at my school was 19%. Further, teachers are forced to copy exercises and readings on the blackboard, which takes away valuable teaching time.

For this project, we will be purchasing 1,184 textbooks in various subject that can be shared by students and teachers. Ultimately, the goals are to improve student academic performance and to provide and engage teachers with new learning resources. The community is committed to promoting student education and therefore has agreed to contribute to this project a library that will store the textbooks. One textbook costs between $5-10. Any donation is greatly appreciated! As a thank you, I will send a picture/letter from a student or teacher to each donor! Merci!

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