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This project is led by Sean Collier, a Volunteer from New York

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Sean works with his community counterparts to build a Medical Technician's Clinic.
The objective is to build a house in which a trained medical technician can live in and provide medical aid to the community as needed. Currently the only functioning clinic is located 24 km away, which has forced community members with Malaria and other ailments to make the long hike out for treatment, as well as forcing expecting mothers to do the same. This has occasionally resulted in mother's literally giving birth en route to the clinic on a bush path. Due to this pressing need for a readily available source of medical aid in the community, the members all listed a locally stationed Medical Technician as the top priority during our 'needs assessment' meetings at the school. Because of this, they've been extremely enthusiastic about contributing in anyway to making the house. Their contribution has come in the form of labor, specifically, gathering at the brick kilns twice a week for a month and a half straight, molding and firing hundreds of bricks for which to build the house. The potential impact this project would have is quite literally life changing. It would increase the community's quality of life immensely; no longer would children with malaria have to walk an incredible distance just to receive the proper medication, and expecting mother's living in the bush would finally have a locally stationed professional to give them the much needed assistance and attention when the time comes.
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