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This project is led by Anna Jamieson, a Volunteer from Massachusetts

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The purpose of this project is to educate Liberians on the importance of self-love and leadership. Many Liberians have a belief that their features are not as beautiful or aesthetically pleasing as the western standard of beauty dictates. Consequently, Liberians and other ethnicities feel the need to augment their appearance to adapt to European standards of beauty. In doing so, many people resort to dangerous methods of changing the texture of their hair and the color of their skin. This project will address topics such as underlying causes of low self-esteem, the complications and long terms effects of using chemicals to change appearances, and healthy ways for individuals to care for themselves.

In consultation with the local community and health volunteers, the community together with the local health facility have agreed to provide the venue to host the workshop. The community have also agreed to provide labor as PCVs counterparts and other community members have agreed to help with the organization of the workshop. The local health facility and the community have also promised to provide Mayonnaise and markers to help facilitate the hosting of the workshop. A local NGO near the health center will be invited to attend this workshop. These volunteers are trained health outreach workers that are responsible for providing health talks in the community. Following this workshop, they will be able to take what they learn and schedule their own health talks in schools as well as community sensitization to spread the messages of Love Thyself even further.

In order to sustain this project we are inviting community health volunteers, who have specialized training in health education. A focus of the training will be to equip these individuals to teach and train others in their catchment communities. Student participants will also learn how to present the information to their peers and the approach they need to take in order to mitigate backlash. We will be inviting people from throughout the South East region, which will allow the reach of this workshop to expand beyond just one high school or just one city.

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